Parasitized Aphids

//Parasitized Aphids

These appear to be parasitized Aphis (as best we can tell from the photo) These Aphids are dead and no longer capable of doing damage to your plants. In addition, Aphids are sap sucking insects and do not chew plant parts, so they are not doing that damage to your plants. Seeing this parasitization in your garden is a good thing! We’ve included a link about parasites of Aphids so you can learn about how this occurs and why its a good thing.
Also, there are a number of other possibilities for pests that could be chewing the plant, so we’ve included a link to help with that too. It appears to be either beetle (maybe Darkling Beetle) or caterpillar (maybe Loopers). Beetles may not feed or be seen during the day, and some caterpillars blend in to the foliage very well, so you’ll need to inspect leaves (both sides) and stems at various times of day to try and find the chewing culprit. If you find something and want to send us another close-up photo of what you find we’d be happy to look again.

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