Now we see the problem with better definition — it appears that your bulb is the problem and has grown up to the foliage. We recommend that you dig the bulb up and inspect. If the bulb is infected we recommend it be thrown out — these kind of diseases can race through a garden in no time at all and this one of the most serious diseases found in any garden. If by chance this is a very expensive bulb or has some personal significance to you, remove the infected parts of the bulb with a sharp knife to healthy tissue and then dip the bulb into a bleach solution of 15:1 (water/bleach) for fifteen seconds, let it air dry and replant in a container (do not re-introduce this to the garden) with good potting soil. The soil where the bulb was growing is also contaminated at this point. Take the remaining bleach mixture and pour over the area where the bulb was growing and allow to dry. This will kill any remaining fungus. You can replant the space in a few days with something else. We don’t mean to cat dispersions on your bulb’s heritage, but often these serious bulb rot problems arise from inadequate sanitary conditions found in some companies that sell bulbs. Re recommend that you carefully inspect any bulbs you purchase and be certain they are firm (not squishy like a bad onion). Peel the brown covering off (this won’t hurt the bulb) to be certain the bulb white and not discolored. Culturally you can decrease watering, increase air circulations, and buy only healthy bulbs. If you have any further question please call me at Leu Gardens, Orlando, 407-246-2625 for further discussion.

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