Orange Tree

Your tree is an orange tree. Citrus trees look a lot alike in photos so telling exactly which type would be very difficult from this photo. There are several possibilities. If the fruit is bitter and seedy then the plant is probably a sour orange, basically planted as such, or more likely root stock grown from a damaged orange. If the fruit is round and sweet it is probably a type of sweet orange, of which there are many, but the two most popular are Valencia and Navel. The end of a navel is so named because it resembles a navel. If the fruit is flattened, it may be a mandarin type orange, which include satsumas and tangerines. If it is a mandarin type orange the peel will pull away easily from the fruit, that is it will be very easy to peel . If it is hard to peel then it is probably not a mandarin type orange. Does best in full sun, regular water and feed with a slow release or organic fertilizer formulated for citrus.

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