Peach Pit Split

//Peach Pit Split

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Peach Split Pit When cut open, fruit with split pits (as seen on the bottom) may be rotted, have insects or moldy growth inside.
Cause A physiological problem. The exact causes of pit breakage are unknown. Low temperatures and/or freeze damage during flowering and early fruit development may be factors. Fruit of most early cultivars enters the final swell of growth before the pit is completely hardened. As the fruit enlarges rapidly, stress exerted by the expanding flesh causes (or enhances) much of the pit fracturing.
Symptoms The term “split pit” normally refers to the opening of the pit at the stem end of the fruit. This split becomes evident in the third stage of fruit growth, usually referred to as the final swell. Fruit generally develops rot problems much more quickly than sound fruit, and the risk is higher that disease will spread more rapidly from split-pit fruit to other fruit.
Cultural control: Do not overthin, Do not apply excessive nitrogen .

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