Unknown Apple

There are so many hundreds of apple varieties that we don’t try to do positive i.d.’s on them. Your best bet is the Home Orchard Society: http://www.homeorchardsociety.org/

Hope this information below is helpful.
Here are a few suggestions that you may want to try and identify yourself: Gala:A small to medium-sized conic apple. Thin, tannic skin is yellow-green with a red blush overlaid with reddish-orange streaks. Flesh is yellowish-white, crisp and grainy with a mild flavour. Cross of three of the world’s best known apples: Kidds Orange Red (a cross of Red Delicious and Cox’s Orange Pippin) × Golden Delicious. One of the most widely available commercial fruit. New Zealand 1970’s

Fuji: Red Delicious × Ralls Genet. Dark red, conic apple. Sweet, crisp, dense flesh is very mildly flavoured. Keeps very well. One of the most widely grown apple varieties in the world. From Japan developed in 1930’s.

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