Calathea ornata is a species of perennial plants in the family known as the prayer plants. It is native to South America, and is cultivated in temperate countries as a houseplant. Loves heat and humidity. It is affected by spider mites.Calathea ornata has large, elliptical, dark green leaves with closely arranged, thin, pink lines that radiate from the mid rib. The underside of each leaf is maroon. Resembles Calathea majestica, except that Calathea ornata leaves are broader. Two common cultivars can be found on sale, namely, ‘Roseo-lineata’ and ‘Sanderiana’. ‘Sanderiana’, is a bigger plant with broader, shorter leaves, which grows to a height of 1 m whereas ‘Roseo-lineata’ can grow only up to 60 cm. The pink lines of Calathea ornata tend to fade as they mature.

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