Draceana Drainage Problems

//Draceana Drainage Problems

Unfortunately we do not know the progression of the problem, but we are concerned about the containers. Do they have drainage holes to allow the water to drain out without the plant sitting in water? Lack of drainage often leads to root rot and plant problems. It is also important that you used a commercial, sterile potting soil that is well draining and not your native soil. Native soil compacts too much in a container and if your plant continues to decline, suggest you consider transplanting carefully into well-draining, commercial potting soil, plant it at the same level as its original container in a pot that has adequate drainage and if you can, find a root stimulator product that contains indolebutyric acid. This product helps the plant recover from transplanting but stay away from vitamin b12 products as these do not help at all. Water sparingly only when the soil feels dry down to the first knuckle. And provide bright indirect light if indoors and shade if outdoors. Feed with a slow release or organic fertilizer formulated for container plants. Be sure to check with a horticulturist, show the photo so that the problem can be confirmed before doing anything. Hope your plant recovers!

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