Dracena Species

//Dracena Species

Not sure if you are remembering right about how your mother came to have this plant. This looks like one of the many species of Dracena but this wouldn’t have been something she would have eaten. Although Dracena are not poisonous, they would cause stomach irritation. Once the foliage comes out more we can identify it better for you, or you can look on this website to match up what you remember the foliage to be like from before it snapped off: http://www.houseplant411.com/houseplant?hpl=D If it looks like one of the Dracenas pictured on that site you’ll know that we’re on the right track. Otherwise, once the foliage is open and much larger send us another photo and we’ll give you another ID.

It might be that she started other plants from a seed or pit that she ate and somehow the story about something else got transferred to this plant?

Give it bright light, let top of potting mix dry before watering again, and feed with houseplant food according to package directions.

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