Hayscented Fern

//Hayscented Fern

We can’t say for sure without a long shot that shows the overall shape and size of the plant, but this looks like the native hay-scented fern, with 1-3 foot, deciduous fronds up to a foot wide, of a medium green and fine-cut texture. It can form large colonies (and quickly – it will run right over delicate woodland wildflowers). Your picture appears to show the beginning of its fall foliage, a golden (sometimes as soft as butter) yellow.

From a distance, hay scented fern can be confused with lady fern or silvery glade fern, but it may be recognized by the sweet scent of new mown hay which is released when the blade is crushed between the fingers or when it is dried…. and by its colony habit, and talent for spreading via underground root-like stolons.

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