Silver Spur Flower

//Silver Spur Flower

Plectranthus argentatus, commonly called silver spurflower, is an upright-spreading, woody-based sub-shrub that is native to Australia. Although its flowers are somewhat showy, this plant is usually grown primarily for its attractive, fuzzy, gray-green foliage. ‘Silver Shield’ is more compact than the species. It typically grows to 24-30″ tall and as wide, and features ovate, pointed, scallop-edged, gray green leaves (to 4″ long) covered with a silvery sheen. Leaves are covered with down which gives them a velvety texture. Leaves compliment and contrast well with many types of flowering plants. Upright flower spikes (terminal racemes to 12″ long) with tubular bluish-white flowers (each to 1/2″ long) bloom in late summer.

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