Aloe Vera Color

//Aloe Vera Color

Actually your Aloe doesn’t really have a problem. Grown well (hard, tough so to speak) in full sun it should take on that coppery color. Grown in more shade the plant will become very green and somewhat not as hardy. The black spotting is likely from the full sun and not getting enough water. You can see how far down the plant is sitting in the pot? I would recommend just gently slipping the whole plant and soil out of the pot in one piece, and filling up the pot with about 2-3″ of well draining potting soil (whatever would bring the plant root ball up to almost the rim) and slip the whole plant back in. You will probably need some new soil to tuck in around the sides of the old root ball as well. Give it a good thorough drink. This new and added volume of soil should help in keeping more moisture to the plant in full sun. The black spots you have won’t go away, but those leaves will eventually die and be replaced with new healthy ones. Always water thoroughly when you do, and don’t water again until the soil has dried out down about an inch or so into the soil – stick your finger in, roughly the distance up to your first knuckle.

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