Leaf Spot On Cherry

//Leaf Spot On Cherry

Thanks for this note but we’re not sure which adviser you thought was getting this, so know that your personal wishes and comments about the NYT article haven’t reached their intended target. There are six people who review and answer garden questions in the Northeast.

It’s common for fruit trees to bear one year and not the next. This is a strategy that most fruit and nut trees develop that insures that in heavy-bearing years there are fruits and nuts left on the ground to sprout and grow. So know that this is normal.

If you put up Japanese beetle traps, put them on the lot next door since these traps attract more beetles to a property than they catch. Better yet put them a half a block away!

You have leaf spot on your cherry trees – a common problem this summer when night temps have been cool. Next year you might consider spraying with Actinovate or another organic fungicide in May, and again as the label directs.

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