Wilting Salvia

//Wilting Salvia

We’re not sure exactly what you’re referring to as being a problem, but we’re thinking you mean the plant is wilting, (its hard to tell from the perspective in the photo), so we’ll address that. Salvia’s require full sun all day and don’t need frequent watering, especially if the soil is not well drained. Plants can wilt from too little water, or too much water. If you notice that the plant wilts during the warmest part of the day, but the soil is moist, this indicates a root decay problem, usually from over-watering. If the plant is in shade for several hours during the day and the soil is too wet, or not well drained, this could also cause root damage which would show as wilting. Is there mulch around/under the plant? Mulch is definately a good thing for gardens, but if its too close to the stems/trunck/base of the plant, it could be keeping too much moisture around the roots, again causing root rot issues. If we haven’t addressed the problem you intended for us to see, please resubmit this photo, or a different one, with more info about what’s concerning you and we’ll try again.

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  1. Stephen Glenn March 29, 2018 at 4:10 pm - Reply

    I have same problem after planting Salvia in ground and a heavy rain. Should I remove them from ground ? Or just not water and allow to dry out?

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