Goldenrod Soldier Beetle

//Goldenrod Soldier Beetle

Chauliognathus lugubrious. An unfamiliar yellow and green beetle with a soft body may be a source of curiosity if it turns up in your garden. Will it eat the plants, or bite people? A dozen of the beetles together might start to cause concern. But ten thousand of them festooning a tree are bound to raise alarm. Yet the insect in question wonäó»t harm either you or your plants.It is still something of a mystery why the Plague soldier beetle (Chauliognathus lugubris), a native species found in temperate southeastern Australia, occasionally builds up to massive numbers. Its grubs live in the soil, feeding on other small creatures. The adult beetles donäó»t seem to eat the plants they settle on, although the sheer weight of a mass of them may break weaker twigs. What they are more interested in is sucking nectar from flowering trees, and copulating.

The bright colours of Chauliognathus are a warning to any predator thinking of taking a swipe at one, as they exude a white viscous fluid from their glands that repels any predators thinking of getting too close.

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  1. Cindi June 13, 2021 at 6:55 am - Reply

    Hello! Would these harm succulents? I have a couple large chestnut trees in my yard and the beetles are everywhere all over the trees and my garden plants including succulents.

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