Mealybug Or

//Mealybug Or

This “fuzzy fungus” is likely an insect called Mealybug, which are common on houseplants, inlcuding tropicals. The only issue we’re questioning is the red substance you mention… not sure what that is, but mealybug lay their orange-colored eggs in the white masses you see in association with some of the individual insects. Could you be seeing the eggs? In any case, you can control these pests by washing them off of the leaf with a cloth moistened in a solution of water and rubbing alcohol; be sure its a very dilute solution as too much alcohol can dry-out the leaf tissues. You will likely find more of these insects feeding on the leaf stems where they meet at the base of your plant. Controlling them at this location is very important and more difficult. You can do this with Q-tips dipped in the same water/alcohol solution. You will most likely need to repeat this process several times to get complete control. You can also take this picture (or better yet a sample of the pest, sealed in a bag) to your local garden center for proper selection of a pesticide.

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