Spots On Tomato Leaves

//Spots On Tomato Leaves

Its hard to say from your photo. It could be insect pests, or it could be disease, or it could be any number of non-living (or environmental) issues causing the problem. If only one leaf is affected, the best thing you can do is pinch off the leaf and dispose of it, then make sure your hands are clean before you pick off another, or touch another plant, just in case its a disease that can be spread by contact. There are some tiney Thrips insects that feed on the leaves, but they may not stick around for long so you wouldn’t see them, necessarily. They could come and go. Thrips (singular or plural) cause small, irregular, tan spots on the leaves and can leave behind tiny specks of black tar-like excrement. As for copper-colored spots, maybe nutrient issue or something was sprayed or splashed on them. We’ve included a link with more info on growing tomatoes and their problems. Its a link University of CA, but it will apply to growing tomatoes anywhere.

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