Twospined Spider

//Twospined Spider

Your two-spined spider, Poecilopachys australasia, is endemic to Australia but has established itself in New Zealand since the 1970s. The female is the larger and more colorful compared to the smaller male. When mature, the female develops 2 distinctive spines or horns. Nocturnal, during the day, they can be found on the undersides of leaves, especially citrus. Considered harmless and non-aggressive to humans, it captures moths and other insects that are much larger than its own size. Suggest you free this beneficial arachnid and allow it to prey on insect pests outdoors.
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Two Spined spider(Poecilopachys Australasia) – TER:RAIN…/spiders/spider-two-spined-poecilopachys-australasi…‎

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