There appears to be whitefly. If you flick a leaf, do they fly away, then settle back down? If so, these are whitefly. Whitefly live on plants throughout their three life-stages. During the first stage, whitefly lay eggs which appear on the underside of leaves as white patches arranged in regular curves. Each female can produce 100-200 eggs at a time. After the eggs hatch, they become larvae that suck out the nutrients of the leaves and stems. Their excreta, known as honeydew, causes black sooty mold. Confirm with a local garden center and recommended control. If it is, there are organic controls such as those that are formulated with Spinosad, but spray in the late afternoon or early evening after the bees have returned to their hives. Once the spray is dry it is safe for beneficials. There are also chemical formulations such as Bayer Advanced Fruit, Citrus and Vegetable Insect Control.

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