We don’t think that they are diseased. The damage appears to be lack of water. Just because you were watering it, doesn’t mean it was able to utilize the water. It’s hard to tell by the photo, but it looks as if the closeup is of an Azalea. They do prefer shade in SoCal. You will need to amend the soil to lower the pH. Azaleas prefer an acid soil. If there are other types of plants, please take photos and submit those. We have a few questions: When you dug them up to transplant them, were the roots easy or hard to dig up? We are wondering if you ended up losing some of the root ball or even maybe a tap root when you dug it up. If you did (or even if you didn’t), you should try to reduce the top growth (leaves & stems) by about the same amount. It seems as if you transplanted in July-August, correct? Probably not the best time of year to do that. If the plant was trying to get used to its new environment, it probably didn’t have enough of a root system to pull up the water that it needed to survive in the heat. New soil is a good idea. With the weather cooling off a bit and your top pruning, they should pull out of their current state soon. Plants need time.

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