Echeveria Purpusorum

//Echeveria Purpusorum

Native to slopes of Puebla, Mexico, forms a rigid rosette of nearly-triangular dark green leaves with reddish-brown markings and a silvery overlay. Excellent as a windowsill plant. In habitat, many Echeverias grow on rocky outcroppings at higher altitudes. In this habitat, the water drains quickly away from the roots of the plant, never allowing the plant to remain waterlogged. For this reason, it is essential in cultivation to use a very porous soil, which will allow quick drainage. Full sun to very bright light is required to prevent “stretching” of Echeverias (“stretching” occurs when a moderately fast growing plant such as an Echeveria, is grown in dim light or over-fertilized, which causes overly lush growth that contributes to weak, pallid plants). Water thoroughly when soil is dry to the touch. Protect from frost. E. purpusorum is a highly variable plant in terms of leaf shape, color and markings.

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