Peanut Cactus Rose Quartz

//Peanut Cactus Rose Quartz

Chamaelobivia ‘Rose Quartz’ is a hybrid (genetic combination) between Chamaecereus (“Peanut Cactus”) and Lobvia . This “peanut” cactus has an upright growth habit, offsetting and blooming profusely. Flowers are to 3″ in diameter, rose-colored, and tinged with purple highlights. Not only is ‘Rose Quartz’ very appealing, but also very resistant to insects such as mealy bugs, and to pathogens such as “soft rot”. Requires porous cactus soil with adequate drainage. Prefers very bright light and more temperate climates with good airflow. Becomes dormant in stifling summer heat as the original Chamaecereus is native to the cooler mountainous regions of South America. Water thoroughly when soil is dry during active growing season. Protect from frost.

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