Variegated Maurtitius Hemp

//Variegated Maurtitius Hemp

Furcraea is a genus of succulent plants related to the Agave family, native to tropical regions of Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and northern South America. These plants are often confused with Agave because of there similar dramatic look and drought tolerance. They are also usually less toothy and spiny, and the leaves are a bit more soft and floppy rather than as rigid as an Agave. ‘Mediopicta’ has a decorative creamy band that occurs down the middle of the leaf. The flower stalk reaches to 25′ tall and produces strongly-scented greenish-white flowers attractive to bees. Flowers are followed by small plants that cover the spike as the main plant dies. It performs best when in filtered light and watered infrequently. Hardy to around 25-30 degrees F.

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