White Dyckia

//White Dyckia

This very slow growing succulent Bromeliad that has mostly solitary stemless rosettes 6″-10″ wide with up to 10, but usually fewer, triangular-shaped 4″-8″ long gray-green leaves that are covered in silvery white scale-like hairs. These leaves twist and curl as they recurve downward and have large claw-like recurved spines along the margins. Mature plants can send up a spike 2′-3′ tall in summer with orange-yellow tubular flowers scattered near the tip. Plant in a well-drained soil in full coastal sun to light shade – leaf ends shrivel in excess heat. Give regular irrigation when plants dry from spring to summer and withhold water in winter. Protect from cold temperatures – intolerant of temperatures near freezing and much happier when temperatures are well above this.

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