Allelopathy And Black Walnut Tree

//Allelopathy And Black Walnut Tree

You mentioned a black walnut tree and this may be the reason why your tomato plant is beginning to show a problem (although most of the plant looks healthy and is flowering). As you probably know, your tree releases a juglone that exudes from all parts of the tree and discourages susceptible plants such as tomatoes from growing underneath or near the tree. Clean up all the tree’s leaves and compost or dispose in the trash. Even the roots of the tree can extend far beyond the drip line and affect particularly tomatoes. It looks as if the tomato plant is in a raised bed and hopefully the roots from the nearby walnut tree has not made its way into the raised bed. Keep a close watch over your tomato plants and hopefully the lower foliage is just the result of fluctuations in temperature, watering or in need of more slow-release or organic fertilizer formulated for tomato plants. Also supplement with an organic foliar feed such as liquid kelp following the directions on the bottle to give your tomato plants an extra boost. Here is more information for you: Black Walnut and Allelopathy…/blackwalnutcompan…äó_
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