Variegated Jade Plant

//Variegated Jade Plant

Native to South Africa, in nature this is a tree-like shrub to 6′ in height or more. Forms branching, thick elephantine trunk topped with a canopy of shiny green, white and cream ovate leaves. As a house plant it will be much smaller. Grow this plant in full sun (a south facing window) and water only when the top half inch of potting mix feels dry. Variegated jade plants occasionally produce all-green stems. They don’t tend to revert back to variegated, so clip them off any time.

The blue willow tea cup is very cute, but is there a drainage hole in the bottom? if not, you must move the plant to a pot with drainage holes in the bottom or excess water will not be able to run off. That would be fatal for a succulent like this.

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