Yes, it is a bougenvilla. A South American native, it does not tolerate much frost but is a fast-growing, vigorous plant that needs a sturdy support such as a wall or fence. Needs full sun and moderate water. Bougainvillea blooms best in nutritionally poor soils.

The soil in this pot looks very compacted. Having well draining soil is a key aspect to allowing for healthy root growth. Does it take a very long time for water to soak in when you water this plant? That could be a key sign there is an issue here. If you find this plant is in extremely compacted soil, we recommend transplanting this into perhaps a larger pot with well draining soil rich in well-developed organic matter.

Being that Lahore only gets an average of 18 inches of rain per year, it may be better to make sure this plant gets a little more water. However, bougainvillea should not get too much water where the soil is constantly wet.

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