Growing Basil

//Growing Basil

We’ve included a link all about Basil for your reference. In this photo the basil looks nutrient deficient which could be caused by unhealthy roots, which are caused by too much water or not enough water. We noticed that you’ve left the peat pot around the root ball, which is okay for some plants, but it also holds alot of water and takes time to breakdown so the root system can grow into the soil/planter box. We think its just too wet for the basil roots, so we suggest you cut back on the water and maybe even remove the plant from the soil, take off the peat pot and replant. You can fertilizer with a slow release product available at your local garden center. Also keep the flowers cut back so the plant will continue to produce leaves. You might consider putting the basil in its own pot (about a 6inch size pot if you buy the 4inch from the store) so you can water it according to its needs instead of with the other plants.

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