Constances Spring Parsley

//Constances Spring Parsley

There are two species of this plant that are difficult to discern. The photo is not quite close enough for us to make a positive identification between bulbosus and constancei. But we are including a link to a site that may help you decide. Note the name was changed in 2012. Constance’s spring parsley is a low growing herbaceous perennial that is typically found in open areas of woodlands Soon it will have low pale pink blossoms. This small plant produces a taproot that may be several inches long, the lower half of which is often enlarged. Each plant produces only a few stems that may bear one or two leaves but are usually leafless. Most of the leaves are basal (not attached to an upright stem) with the largest leaves growing only 4 – 6 inches long. The leaves are light gray-green in color, somewhat fleshy, and divided many times into leaflets that in turn are divided into sub leaflets giving the leaves a distinctive fern-like appearance. The leaf stalks (petioles) are also fleshy.

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