Austrian Pines Dying

//Austrian Pines Dying

We apologize but all of our advisors studied your photo and could not come up with a definite answer for you. It was decided that it takes closer examination – if possible take a cutting to a garden center that is knowledgeable about pine trees. Suggest that you contact your local cooperative extension office and explain about the problem. Here are some sources that provide information about Austrian pines, Pinus nigra. and : Please let us know what you find out as this is how we learn as well.

Pinus nigra ( Austrian Pine ) – Backyard Gardener‎
Learn about Pinus nigra ( Austrian Pine ) and see photos with detailed growing … They can be subject to many diseases, such as damping off, root rot, dieback, blister rust, … This is done to maintain the desired shape of a hedge or topiary.

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