Peach Leaf Curl

//Peach Leaf Curl

You may still be able to salvage the tree, but you will need to control the fungus that is causing the problem. Although symptoms of leaf curl are seen primarily in spring as new leaves develop, there is little you can do to control the disease at this time. Some people remove diseased leaves or prune infected shoots, but this has not been shown to improve control. Normally, diseased leaves fall off within a few weeks and are replaced by new, healthy leaves, unless it is rainy.

If a tree is severely affected with peach leaf curl this can stunt its growth, so consider thinning fruit later in the season. Pruning in fall prior to applying any fungicides can reduce spore numbers overwintering on the tree and reduce the amount of fungicide needed. If leaf curl symptoms occurred on your trees in spring, be sure to treat the following fall and/or winter to prevent more serious losses the following year.

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  1. Ahmed Ali April 12, 2024 at 3:35 am - Reply

    I have a plant at my home and it is badly affected by fungus attack. I am looking for some remeady. Thank you for this helpful article.

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