Inch Worm

//Inch Worm

In small numbers, this larva of a moth does not cause too much damage, but if there is a large infestation and they are damaging your plants, you can use an organic control such as Spinosad, but spray in the early evening after the bees have returned to their hives. Once the spray has dried it is not longer harmful to beneficials and Spinosad has a 7-10 day residual. You can also use Bt, but this is a contact spray and does not have any residual. Here is some additional information about inch worms:
NCSU: ENT/ort-153 fall cankerworm…/note153.htm‎
North Carolina State University
This inch-worm caterpillar will periodically outbreak in large numbers every … Control. Chemical- Under the approval of the NC Department of Agriculture ..

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