Italian Cypress

//Italian Cypress

It looks like they”re dead and possibly due to a number of reasons. First, it could be because of too much rain, but it looks like you have well drained soil so that is probably not the reason. Two, soil amendments. You don’t need them. Decades of field and university research shows that plants planted in only native soil versus those planted with amendments end up the same size and as healthy. Had it lived, your plant’s roots would have grown out of the amended root zone in six months months.anyway. Don’t waste your money. Three: fertilizers, same as #2. They are a waste of money. In fact after reading all the things you fed it you may have been too kind to your plants and killed them. I recommend you start over, plant them in different locations (it’s going to take while for the nutrients you added to the soil to wash out of the soil), plant them only in native soil and don’t add any soil fertilizers. Water them twice week now that it is cooler for about six weeks and taper off as it gets cooler.

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