Tillandsia Xerographica

//Tillandsia Xerographica

Tillandsias can live where few other plants can because in nature they live perched on branches and rocks and need no soil. Their soil-less habit is why they are called air plants. T. xerographica is native to Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. A majestically slow growing plant with silvery gray leaves that are wide at the base, then taper to curly points. Soak the entire plant in a bowl or bucket once every 5-7 days. Rain, pond or fish tank water is best, but if these are not available use bottled water. Chlorinated tap water can cause problems over time. Tip it upside down, give a shake to get water out of center and let it dry bottom end up. This will insure that no water is trapped, which causes rot. Does best in full sun to very bright light.

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