Variegated Mugwort Artemisia

//Variegated Mugwort Artemisia

This appears to be variegated mugwort, which is related to the plain variety, which is an aggressive weed that grows in sun to shade and tolerates a wide range of soils. The flowers are small and unobtrusive. It’s used in herbal medicine and for making smudge sticks. If you dig up this plant, you will likely see a ropey, white root that travels sideways underground. This is how it spreads. Any roots left behind will re-sprout. While the variegated form is attractive, it forms an upright, bushy clump with attractive foliage that has a tendency to quickly spread all over the border. Leaves are medium green, brightly splashed with creamy-yellow to ivory. A great use for this selection is in containers with other perennials, therefore the foliage can be enjoyed from up close but the plant may be easily controlled. For best effect, cut back hard in late June to rejuvenate the plant with new growth. Plants should not be allowed to set seed or you will have a monster on your hands -äóñ trim off flowers heads as they appear. DO NOT unleash this plant in areas where it can invade in roadsides or along forested regions. If concerned about its invasiveness, dig it out immediately.

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