Prarie Smoke

//Prarie Smoke

This interesting looking wildflower is naturally found growing in prairies within the U.S. The plant’s low-growing, fern-like gray-green foliage is semi-evergreen, turning red, orange or purple in late fall and lasting throughout winter. This wildflower is among one of the earliest blooming prairie plants of spring and continues through summer with nodding rose-pink colored flowers. The descriptive name, Prairie Smoke, comes from its unusual feathery mauve seed heads that resemble plumes of smoke. Also called Three-flowered Avens, or Old Man’s Whiskers.

Blooming is soon followed by the long plumed seedpods, which look a lot like puffs of smoke—giving the plant its name. These seedpods are also covered with hairs, which render it yet another common name of old man’s whiskers.

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