Snail Damage

//Snail Damage

The damage on the leaves of your plant looks like snail and/or slug damage – unfortunately, almost every garden has them! But you can get control of them. First, look for the characteristic slime trails on and around your plants. Snails usually come out at night we usually don’t see them feeding. Also, remove any dead or decomposing plant material. That is where they love to hide. Your best defense is to seek them out in their hiding places during the day, or trap them and destroy them/throw them out in a sealed bag. This link has great info about these pests, and very effective ideas for trapping. You may also need to alter the environment to make it less favorable for them (they like to hide in dark moist areas during the day and even on the bottom of your plant leaves). There is also an effective organic control formulated with iron phosphate, safe to use around children and pets.

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