Devils Walking Stick

//Devils Walking Stick

Deviläó»s walking stick or Hercules club gets its common name from the stout, sharp spines found on its leaf stalks, stems and branches. This is a large, upright, suckering, deciduous shrub that typically grows to 10-15äó» tall, but infrequently grows as a small flat topped tree to as much as 35äó» tall. It is native and is commonly found in wood margins, fields and pastures. Its spreading, suckering, colonizing habit, can be like sumac or bamboo, therefore the plant must be planted cautiously or it can become a monster in the landscape. Interesting compound foliage, late summer flowers, juicy black fruit and spiny stems give this shrub distinctive and unique ornamental interest. Best utilized in infrequently traveled areas where contact with the plant spines are unlikely to harm passersby. Plants can appear coarse in winter, but the compound foliage, flowers, fruit and general plant habit lend diversity and interest during the growing season. Good for shrub borders, woodland margins and remote areas of the landscape where it can be allowed to spread. Native plant areas.

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