Ficus Problem

//Ficus Problem

This looks like it could be a moisture problem-probably too much water. Also Is the drainage good? The soil looks compact. Is this your native soil or did you use a commercial, sterile potting mix? In containers, native soil tends to compact too much which may lead to root rot. Dig around in the soil and see if its wet. A weekly deep watering should be enough. You may need to water more as the weather warms, but twice a day is too much. Ficus do best with regular water but not soggy conditions. Feed with a slow release or organic fertilizer formulated for container plants. The mushrooms should be composted before adding to plants. Make sure you also examine the plant for any insect pests but we think this is more of a water or light issue. Outdoors, your Ficus will do well in full or partial sun. Indoors, it needs bright indirect light, and suggest you rotate the plant periodically so that all parts of the plant receives adequate light. Also, once it is happy in one place, keep it there – if you move it to a different location, it may drop its leaves to adapt to a new site with a different light situation.

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