This appears to be a wild currant bush. Most likely, golden currant, or ribes aureum.There are many species of currants in southeast Idaho. Golden currant shrubs (Ribes aureum) are found in open, sunny areas. The leaves have three to five blunt or rounded lobes, without serrations around the lower portion of the leaf. The flowers are bright yellow, and the berries can be yellow, orange, red, or purple.

The Golden Currant is so named because of its display of golden yellow flowers in early spring. It is very
common along streams and in ravines and canyons and the seed is commonly spread by birds so it can pop up just about anywhere. The fruit can be golden – orange, red or black on the same species, in fact stands of Golden Currant are often found with all three colors of ripe berries next to each other.

The Golden Currant has a long life span relative to most other plant species and a moderate growth rate. At maturity,
the typical Golden Currant will reach a maximum height of 10 feet at 20 years of age.

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