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From this photo alone it’s impossible to tell which turf grass this is. In general, however, most turf grasses in the northeast are a combination of grasses including bluegrass, fescues and perennial rye. What looks like one lawn of one type of grass is often actually several types of grass so that the lawn greens up early in the spring and stays green into the fall (fescues do this) plus off the rich darker blue-green color (bluegrass) and are tough enough to withstand foot traffic (ryegrass) – a mix provides it all.

Another generality is that sod lawns are usually bluegrass which takes more resources to keep looking good. Bluegrass doesn’t green up in the spring as early and it doesn’t do well in the shade, but given fertilizer, water and warm temperatures it makes a beautiful lawn.

Without seeing the turf in person, and how the grasses behave in spring and fall, it’s impossible to know what you’re looking at. If there’s a particular reason you’d like to know, however, or if you are looking for a turf grass for a special location, let us know and we’re happy to help.

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