Common Rose Pink

//Common Rose Pink

This native biennial wildflower forms a low rosette of leaves during the 1st year, bolting into an erect plant about 1-2½’ tall during the 2nd year. The preference is full or partial sun and moist conditions. The soil can contain loam, sand, silt, or some rocky/gravelly material.Habitats include moist prairies and sand prairies, moist sandy thickets, marshes and sandy marshes, interdunal swales, rocky glades, openings in rocky woodlands, sandy pits on mined land, poorly drained fields, and roadsides. This wildflower can be found in both degraded and higher quality habitats. Like other species in this genus, Common Rose Pink is a showy and attractive plant. It resembles an oversized version of Centaurium pulchellum (Branching Centaury) from Europe, which is also in the Gentian family.

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