Wood Violet

//Wood Violet

Your plant might be the fragrant wood violet. Leaves are heart-shaped and the plant makes a good ground cover especially under shrubs or trees. Its fragrant blue-violet, pink, or white petite flowers appear in spring-summer. Prefers partial shade and regular water. Control spread by cutting back runners in autumn or digging out if you do not want it spreading to other areas. If you disagree, please take another photo showing the open flower facing the camera as well as any other information you might have about it and we will try to help you identify it, but from this photo we think it might be a V. odorata. Or you can take a few clippings to a horticulturist at your local garden center to see if it can be identified in hand.

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  1. Lisa September 7, 2016 at 7:55 pm - Reply

    This is definitely not a violet. I’m sure it is some type of campanulaceae, but it’s hard to tell which type from this picture alone. Maybe campanula poscharskyana.

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