Black Spot On Rose

//Black Spot On Rose

If this is the fungal disease called Black Spot, it is a very common disease affecting landscape roses. It is common when the weather is warm and humid. It can usually be managed by avoiding overhead watering, and removing all affected leaves as soon as they emerge. Discard them in the trash or burn them, never add to your compost. Prune out any badly affected stems.
Our thoughts are to prune your roses (making sure to discard all plant parts) as directed in this article:
You should also weed the bed as best you can and consider mulching to give them a good head start come spring.
An excellent product that we have used and had good luck with is the Bayer line of products for roses. The All-In-One Rose care is an excellent product for insect, diseases, and fertilization. Make sure to follow the directions on the label. They also have an organic line called Natria if that is your preference.

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