Rasperry Leaf Drop

//Rasperry Leaf Drop

You may be onto something with your soil being a problem, especially since the same plants are doing well in another growing medium. Here are a couple of suggestions. First, remove the dead and dying leaves and make sure they don’t remain on or in the soil. You may want to keep them in a container for later examination with a local nursery or your extension agency. Also, it looks like this plant may be sitting a bit high in the soil. It should be planted the same depth as it was in the original container. However, keep any mulch or compost away from the main stem. The only way to confirm if your soil has too much fertilizer is with a soil test. Your local extension agency may provide this service at no cost or for a nominal fee. Here’s a link that will connect you with them and it has a wealth of information about basic raspberry care, problems and pests in your area – http://extension.usu.edu/yardandgarden/htm/fruits-nuts/raspberries/

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