Stretched Aloe Vera And Pups

//Stretched Aloe Vera And Pups

That was the perfect second photo, and yes, it is Aloe Vera (botanical: Aloe barbadensis). I have just never seen one stretch for light that way. If you imagine it as a telescope that has been pulled out, that’s why you are seeing those white rings and the couple of pups that are starting. If it were grown in full sun as it should be, imagine collapsing down the telescope (pushing down on the top of the plant) and making those white rings go away and each set of consecutive leaves would be stacked tightly one on top of the other – that would be normal, and the pups would come out near the base of the plant. Your best bet is to stake it to keep it from flopping around and grow it outside in full sun in all the months you don’t have frost. Probably cut back on the water too, it looks pretty wet and that can add to the stretching. Usually, water well when you do, and don’t water again until the soil has become quite dry, say down a couple of inches in the soil or more – you have to stick your finger in. Thanks for the follow up photo!

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