Your infestation is likely mealybugs, especially if they have a cottony, fuzzy appearance and feel sticky. The black residue that you see is the result of the honey dew that the insect secretes. A mold then grows on top of the honeydew and that is called Black Sooty Mold. The sooty mold won’t harm the plant unless it is excessive and prohibits the plant from photosynthesizing. It looks as though there could be a fungal leaf spot issue also. For an mealybug infestation of this magnitude, you should prune out and dispose of the affected plant parts. If it is excessive, you probably should consider replacing the plant. To keep the situation under control, you might want to consider one of the Bayer products. A systemic insecticide plus fungicide would be your best bet.

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  1. Ann August 10, 2016 at 1:36 am - Reply

    Hi :-). My Trachelospermum Jasmine has been infected by mealy bugs for a number of years, I think I’ve got on top of it and then it comes back again. It’s currently finished flowering and the leaves are all dropping off, I thought I’d give it one more go at eradication before digging it out. Question is, can I cut it right back then treat it? It’s up to the 1st floor bedroom window so I will not be able to treat it at this size. Another question I have, if I dig my plant up, will the area still be holding the bugs/eggs/larvae? Do I need to wait before replanting the same area and if so how long?

    I do hope you can help and thank you in advance.


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