Walnut Husk Flywalnut Husk Maggot

//Walnut Husk Flywalnut Husk Maggot

There are several pests that can affect the walnut fruit: walnut husk fly and the walnut husk maggot both breed and lay eggs in the hulls of the nuts, the walnut curcullio is a member of the beetle family and it also lays eggs in the nut and the larvae feed on the nuts and the codling moth overwinters in the soil surrounding the tree, lay their eggs in developing fruits and again, their larvae feed on the developing nut hulls and the kernels inside the nut. We cannot identify which is your particular pest, but it is more likely either the beetle or the codling moth. If you have an agricultural advisor or horticulturist that is knowledgeable about nut trees and their pests, suggest you show a few of these nuts with the larvae to confirm the identity as well as your country’s recommended control. In the meantime, here is additional information for you.

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