Blue Puya

//Blue Puya

Belonging to the Bromeliad family of plants, this succulent is endemic to the Andes of Chile and prized for its stalks of spring blooming brilliant blue flowers and orange stamens. Does best in full sun and is drought tolerant once established. Attracts nectar feeding birds and bees. The particular Puya photographed may be commonly known as sapphire tower, P. alpestris, but we cannot be positive. If it is, the plant forms a 2-3 ft. tall clump or rosettes of foliage that are recurved and light green in color on top and silvery-green underneath. As with many Puyas, the metallic-sheened, turquoise-blue flowers with orange stamens on 3-4 ft. stalks are spectacular in spring, its normal bloom season. Can tolerate short periods of temperatures down to 28 degrees F.

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