St Anthonys Rick Rack Zigzag Cactus

//St Anthonys Rick Rack Zigzag Cactus

Native to rainforests of Mexico, this is an epiphytic cactus with flattened emerald green stems that are deeply indented. Flowers are nocturnal and fragrant, appearing in the summer. These lovely flowers have many thin cream colored inner petals, with burgundy outer petals. In habitat, these plants are typically found growing in rich humus in boughs of trees or in crags of rocky inclines. Similar culture as for Orchids. Requires filtered light as do most epiphytes, and prefers a slightly acid soil, with extra organics (such as peat moss provides). Water thoroughly when soil is dry on surface, but should not be allowed to dry out completely. Prefers nighttime temperatures no cooler than 50 degrees F. especially in the winter, and daytime temperatures to 80 degrees F. Protect from frost.

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