Excelsa Western Red Cedar

//Excelsa Western Red Cedar

Excelsa stays smaller but still retains the relaxed appearance of the giant Western Red Cedar.
n addition to being great for screening, some of these trees make excellent hedges. If you are tired of using broadleaf evergreens for your 5-15’ sheared hedges, try some of the conifers we just talked about. I would not recommend the Calocedrus decurrens or Chamaecyparis nootkatensis ‘Viridis’ but the others make excellent sheared hedges. For a very formal look, I recommend trimming 3 times during the growing season. For a formal but softer appearance, cut it once in the spring and let it flush; this also makes it easier to design around. Using these conifers allows you to start off big without the availability and transplant problems of broadleaf plants, like English Laurel, that are commonly used as hedges.
Whether using these trees for screens or hedges, they can add beauty and privacy to your next project. Try some of the lesser-known varieties to make your landscape really stand out.

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